I never saw it coming - My husband left me for another woman when I was 42 with a small child. It was devastating. I was desperate to move on and improve myself. After reviewing my life and trying to see how this could have happened, I realized that I had manifested the exact circumstance based on what I’ve experienced in my childhood. My parents split up when I was two years old, so my subconscious mind was running an old Love Blueprint - I was simply replaying an old family story. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault, but the program doing its job.


I am a no nonsense problem-solver so I wanted to get on with my life quickly. As a single mom working full time, I didn’t have time to wallow in self-pity and depression. I knew I needed to change my world from the inside out. I had enough experience in neuro-emotional and emotional-freedom techniques, Eastern methods and chiropractics to develop a sure-fire method to heal myself from this trauma. And so I did, and I’ve never looked back. I went on to find the man of my dreams, build a thriving practice, regain my health and many more positive results. And you can too!

 It is imperative to release emotional trauma from our bodies cellular memory in order to maintain vibrant health.

- Dr. Teshna

 The method I’ve created is simple. It took me 30 years to distill various mind-body healing modalities into a process you can do on yourself, in the privacy of your home. I will teach you how to muscle test yourself to know the truth, making simple yet specific belief statements and learn how to tap into your meridian body points that access the deepest recesses of your mind to change the programs. 

It takes only minutes each day to address any problem, changing the way you think and feel about everything in your life. You will be happier, lighter and more hopeful. It’s exciting to teach and a great privilege to share this work with you —when you need it most.