A Life-Altering Workshop

with Dr.Teshna Beaulieu

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Update Your Love Blueprint

Mind-Body Practices to Transform Your Life

August 26th, 2018 - Kripalu Center Stockbridge, MA

In this revolutionary program designed for professional caregivers and individuals, Dr. Teshna Beaulieu teaches you how to use functional neurology muscle testing and Meridian Tapping Techniques (MTT) on yourself and others. Through lectures, writing exercises, group sharing, and hands-on exercises, she leads you on a life-altering journey of self-discovery and rapid transformation. Come learn an easy and powerful way to manifest what you want in your relationships, health, career, and finances.


Change your Beliefs, Change your Life

Transform your Love and Life Blueprints with Meridian Tapping Technique

November 17, 2018 - Mettabee Farms - Hillsdale, NY

We are living in a time when the amount of everyday stress is escalating; keeping ourselves well, balanced, and happy is becoming ever more challenging. We all need to have at our fingertips the ability to heal ourselves, quickly shift our emotional states, and regain our power. Join us for two days of fun, enlightening, and extremely powerful techniques that will give you tools to work on yourself and others.                                                    




Dr. Teshna’s workshop presents participants with a remarkably honed and effective toolbox. The insights and practices are founded in her empirical understanding and experience and of ways to identify, release, and transform life-negating beliefs and patterns, however deep-seated in the body and soul they may be. Insights and practices that can be used to transform life on all levels of being are taught and practiced. It is grounded, it is wise, it is freeing, it is empowering.

- Deborah Miller


I found Dr. Teshna’s workshop to be life-changing, and encourage anyone who sincerely wants to create their best life, body, mind and soul, to take it. The perfect tool kit for the new age!        

- Marian Rutledge


Repeating the same mistakes with money, career, and husbands is exhausting and conventional therapy is slow. Thanks to Dr. Teshna I have the tools for rapid, permanent change.       

- Isabel Livingston


I think this seminar has been a great eye opener to all the ways in which we keep ourselves from achieving the best health possible for ourselves. I am looking forward to practicing the techniques I’ve learned and clearing out all that excess baggage that has been holding me back, stunting my growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you Dr. Teshna!            

- Paula Laurin

Loved the nuggets! Nuggets are the distillation of experience and they save years of time and loads of reading. The insight that one’s blueprint can be reverse-engineered from one’s life is priceless. The insight on permutations of belief statements is powerful.

- Michael Forte


 I love this workshop because I have done tons of therapy and spiritual work … but have kept repeating some very old patterns. Now I am empowered to change my life and manifest the life I want! Thank you!                              

- Eileen Duane


This workshop is a very clearly defined map for human evolution. It gives you all the tools to create the life that you want step by step. You can create the perfect love relationship, career of your dreams, as much wealth as you desire. The steps are simple, organized, and can be applied immediately. Dr. Teshna is a fabulous teacher. She is very approachable, clear, organized, wise, and super fun. You will leave uplifted, hopeful, inspired, and with a powerful tool in your belt. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who desires to live a life of freedom, ease, and grace.

- Rita Gendelman


Dr. Teshna is joyfully overbrimming with more life improving and affirming gold nuggets than anyone I have ever had the pleasure to know. She flows seamlessly between being an inspired presenter to working the floor of workshop participants reinforcing the techniques she has just introduced. A calmness of a lifetime of knowledge comes forth from her at every moment. What a joy.                                                   

- Terry Muellen