A Life-Altering Workshop with Dr. Teshna Beaulieu

What you will learn in this two-day workshop:

Identify and eliminate unconscious programs, patterns and beliefs that run your life, such as career, money, relationships and health using Meridian Tapping Techniques.

Muscle test yourself and others as a way to determine whether or not you are in agreement with a belief.

Learn the concept of ‘Love Blueprint’

Discover what your blueprint is, how it’s created and why we are attracted to only certain people

Discover how to redesign your blueprint to manifest your ideal mate or improve your current relationship



 Vanishing Twin Traits

  1. A sense of something missing

  2. A fear of rejection

  3. Awareness of unrealized potential

  4. Feeling different from others

  5. Constantly searching without knowing what for and why

  6. A paradoxical sense of isolation from others

  7. A fear of abandonment


 Have you been blaming your genes, your circumstances, bad luck, or playing the victim by telling yourself: ‘that’s just the way it is … there’s nothing I can do. I’m powerless to change my conditions’.

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It has been scientifically proven that 95% of your life is guided by subconscious beliefs. Your subconscious mind is a giant warehouse, a mega hard drive that stores blueprints for every facet of your life. You downloaded these programs from childhood between the ages of 0-10. If you grew up in a household that had money issues or negative beliefs around money, you’ve inherited that belief system, and likely for you, money is hard to come by. Say you’re parents didn’t have a loving relationship, they yelled, criticized and berated each other. The chances are good that this is how you also perceive love, even if you don’t agree consciously. See how this works?

Your conscious mind is ruling a mere 5% of your decision making and is mostly asleep at the wheel. The subconscious mind is only doing its job and is on autopilot mode - soaking up every experience with family and caregivers (good or bad), during your formative years. It’s not fair to demonize the subconscious because we need it like a computer needs a hard drive.

If there are areas in your life that are working well, assume that your conscious and subconscious minds are in agreement, hooray! However, if you repeatedly experience problems with love, money, career or happiness, those are the areas you need to scrutinize and address. 

Unless we realize the power of the mind in its duality, we will simply relive old traumas and negative patterns. (pulled quote / side bar)

There is hope! It’s possible to lead a more conscious, fully aware life.  You can crack the code and change your outdated subconscious programs to agree with your conscious desires in the NOW. 

Two minds in harmony are necessary for lasting personal growth, health and wellbeing. (pulled quote/side bar)

Let’s draw a simplified analogy. We can compare the subconscious mind to an airplane’s autopilot made up of hundreds of software programs that fly the aircraft. The “conscious” pilot only manipulates buttons and enters flight data. At any point during the flight, the pilot can leave the controls and walk around, leaving the craft to fly by itself. This is exactly how your subconscious mind works. It is steering your life 95% of the time!

The pilot represents the conscious mind. The conscious mind is creative, it plans and ponders, has desires and wishes and puts those plans into action. The conscious part of our brain is our “to-do list” mind. It has goals and dreams of getting somewhere in linear time. Your conscious mind is your personal identity, connection to source and spirit.

If the pilot wants to change any aspect of the flight, he must reprogram the operating system (subconscious) to make course corrections to deal with any situation that arises, such as turbulence. If he doesn’t make changes to the software, the plane and its passengers will have to endure discomfort, perhaps even injury. For the 747 to fly safely, efficiently, and maintain structural integrity to its destination, both pilot and autopilot must be on the same page and in agreement.

Problems arise in our lives when subconscious beliefs are at odds with the wishes and desires of our conscious minds. Therein lies the conundrum of the human condition. We must get both minds congruently on the same page.