Have you ever wondered why you are always attracted to the same type of person, even if they are abusive or controlling? And even if you are aware of this tendency, do you feel helpless to change it? After years of observation, Dr. Teshna Beaulieu came up with the concept of a “Love Blueprint,” a unique set of beliefs about love, formed early on in life.

In Fit For Love, Dr. Teshna shows you how to discover your own "Love Blueprint" —as well as a powerful technique to transform it to your advantage. 

Do you have the Love Blueprint it takes to manifest and maintain a fulfilling, long-lasting relationship? Fit For Love will help you find out!

  • If you want to improve your current relationship and want to mend a broken heart or manifest your dream relationship. This book is for you!

  • If you want to end an abusive or unsatisfying relationship and want to know why you keep attracting the same type of partner in relationships that never work out. This book is for you!

    “Dr. Teshna helped me peel back layer after layer of emotions that kept me frozen and stuck. Thanks to her technique I released a tightly locked and warped belief system I had built up around my dysfunctional love relationship. I was able to leave the relationship, go back to school, start my own business, and I am now happily married with the man of my dreams.” —Kate

    “Dr. Teshna helped me update my Love Blueprint after a devastating heartbreak, mend my heart, and manifest my ideal husband. A new life of joy and fulfillment has begun.” —Victoria